14 December 2015

an ornament

I needed to refill some fountain pens and decided to switch the black Lamy Safari that usually holds black ink for my bent-nib Hero M86 calligraphy pen. I've never quite learned how to best use its unusual nib, though I've watched my dear friend Kate (Cathy Johnson) use hers many times in amazing ways!

After allowing the green underpainting to dry (painted over a grid of drywall tape which was later removed), I drew an ornament from our tree. Then painted it. Everything was going well until I added the lower text . . . Not sure how to write consistent letters with a bent nib!


  1. Vicky, I haven't used the dry wall tape, but I do use that blue painters tape to make lines and grids. Works really well. I wondered if the dry wall tape is more narrow.
    Like the way you did the little sparkels.
    I haven't used that type of nib, so I don't have any tips for that. All I can s say is just keep practicing and trying different things, and, maybe, ask Cathy! :)

  2. The tape is sold on a big roll, 1 1/2" wide and sticky on the back; very loose weave with tiny square holes. It acts like a stencil when paint is applied. I think I learned about using this for grid lines to write text on from Gaye Kraeger.
    I watched Cathy using a pen like this in person; in fact she gave this Hero pen to me at a sketchcrawl in Missouri. Still no clue as to how she does it! As with most of her sketches I watched her do. She's amazing!


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