19 October 2015

wee Jeremiah

We are back home from the beach, having been forced to leave a day early by an unusually high wind advisory and above average incoming tides. As we were leaving, tides were reaching the edge of our camp, two hours before "high tide"! And the winds had already collapsed two of our tents with much higher winds expected after sunset. Awesome adventure, though!

It will take a few days to finish my other island sketches. Getting rid of the excess sand alone is a huge job, being sand-blasted as we were! The park rangers had never seen it this bad before.

I forgot to post this little sketch I drew the day before our trip --- This handmade mohair teddy bear has been my favorite bear for many years. He stands 6" tall but prefers to sit. The tea cup is one Bill's grandmother played with as a child; someday I should sketch the others in her mis-matched set.

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