09 October 2015

late night sketching

Just sketching what's in front of me . . . I fudged a bit on the view, drawing it from memory since the curtains were closed and it was dark outside.

On the table are folios of Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper folded into signatures and ready to sew together. I should be doing that but I'm a bit distracted by another fire ant bite.

Bill and I were setting up a new tent so we'll know how it works ___we are planning a camping trip to Mustang beach on the Gulf of Mexico in a few weeks___ and apparently a rogue ant thought I looked yummy. Why don't they ever pick on Bill?


  1. Looks like a great house! I could set there with a coffee for hours watching the world go by. As for bug bites, Wilma rarely gets bit but I attract tick and chiggers and mosquitoes. I don't react to them like you do, though. Sounds nasty.

  2. This __is__ a great little cabin and we love it! But we laughed when we realized you could fit the whole cabin, including the loft, inside our church's new building!

    Many of us at church have been participating in 40 days of prayer for America. Bill chose a time in the middle of the night and often sits out on the patio to pray. He has been joined by deer and armadillos!


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