26 October 2015

new pencils!

Once again I wore out one of the cheap ($2.00) mechanical pencils I normally buy.  So this time I decided to "upgrade" to a better one. On Amazon, I found a set of three Rotring pencils in three different sizes of lead. And they are so comfortable to write with!

Ideally, I want to use an HB lead in the 0.35 size, a B2 in the 0.5, and a B4 in the 0.7. A good range to draw with!


  1. I love how the finger grips work without bulk! The eraser, though skinny, seems to be longer and more usable, though I still grab a kneaded eraser first. Also, the different color dot at the top reminds me what size lead it takes. So many mechanical pencils have the size printed on the barrel, which gets worn off.


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