08 October 2015

bucket lights

Our church remodel project is nearing completion and the discipleship class will soon be meeting in this building next door to our sanctuary. Both buildings are part of the original (circa 1880's) downtown buildings of Somerville, Texas.

The interior looks sort of "vintage industrial" with an original brick wall and ceiling rafters & beams left exposed. One cool feature the work crew came up with are these unique bucket lights. After pricing various lights in the retail market, they decided to make their own out of galvanized buckets, LED lights, and a bit of chain (One of the guys is a licensed electrician).

And this is the final page in the small sketchbook I carry in my bag. It was a bit crudely put together using scrap materials and a used notebook cover but I had fun filling it.


  1. Great idea for light fixtures! You captured the galvanized look, too. Don't think Wilma would go for it in our house, but we had a shed built this year and I'm putting in a wood shop. The tubs might work.

  2. LOL! Bill says use a round one -- you can fit 4 led lights in it. There are only 2 in each of these.


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