28 October 2015

Ms. BJ's "doodling" & our new building

Our pastor's wife, Ms. BJ, does what she calls "doodling" --- she sees something somewhere and then goes home and builds it . . . without a pattern! I tell her she must have a mind of an engineer.

She made this gorgeous sculpture of an eagle out of barn wood. It used to hang in a hallway in our regular church building; now it has a place of honor in our newly renovated building next door, above the hall entrance from this new space to the offices and doors connecting this building to the other one. It goes perfectly with the "rustic" look of what is now our Bible study area, also used for social functions:

These "barn doors" give access to the display windows facing the street. Our church currently occupies three vintage store-front buildings in downtown Somerville, Texas.


  1. The space looks even better with chairs and people. Bill has had some fun with this project!

  2. Isaiah 40:31 has come up in several different conversations this week! It is one of my favorites. The eagle is beautiful! What a great space for your church!

    1. Several years ago, a certain verse kept popping up in unexpected places. It finally dawned on me (being a bit slow at these things) that it was actually God trying to get my attention, making that verse a personal message just for me. Love it when that happens!


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