31 October 2015

a subtle Autumn

Since keeping sketchbooks / artist journals, I have had a yearly ritual of sketching Autumn leaves. One sketchbook is even dedicated to these parting jewels.

Living in Kansas, I had lots to choose from, especially a large variety of maples. In our own yard we had an Autumn Blaze maple that was covered with yellow, gold, orange, "pink", red, and deep burgundy leaves! At least until the fierce Kansas winds took them all away.

Here in the woods in central Texas, we have oaks (and pines & cedars). A large variety of oak trees but mostly oak. Autumn's colors are very subdued, especially since the majority of trees are still a rich green.


  1. Beautiful, Vicky! You have used 2 or 3 various colors of ink, haven't you? And gorgeous aquarelle shades, love it!!

  2. Hello, Jana!
    I often use other ink colors but in this one I only used one, a sepia ink that was the result of mixing the last of my Noodler's Polar Black with some Polar Brown. The rest of this is watercolor (aquarelle), including the "ribbon" frame --- for that, I used the leftover paint mixes in my pallete!


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