01 April 2014

"new" old chairs

When we moved from Kansas to this small cabin in Texas, one of the things we had to give away was an old dining table and 6 chairs that had been in the family since Bill's grandparents bought it at a farm auction when they first got married in the 1920s --- the table is from the 1850s and comes with an oak crate holding 4 expansion leaves! They paid $6.

Having no room for it now, we gave the set to our youngest son who has been wanting it for a very long time. Now we are using my grandmother's old kitchen work table instead; with 2 drop-leaves, it easily fits next to this window. But I had no chairs for it.

While visiting in Pflugerville / Austin over the weekend, we found these ice cream parlor chairs at a vintage furniture store. The leather cushions are the same cream color that the table is painted, and they don't take up a lot of space. Perfect fit!

As I was finishing up this sketch, Bearcat jumped on the window sill so I quickly scribbled him in.


  1. Love your pen sketches, Vicky! Do you use a pencil before using a pen ?

  2. Normally yes, I like working out placement in pencil --- and I tried that here. But this paper is handmade and fragile and does not handle erasures well. Looks like I will just use the barest of pencil, leave the marks on the paper, and work mostly with ink alone.


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