18 April 2014

recent random sketching

Recently I have been sketching but not posting. We've been busy driving around, exploring our new territory and visiting some of our kids.

This sketch is of our log cabin's stair into the loft . . . more like a slanted ladder, open between the half-log steps. Our Scottie won't even attempt to climb it, which pleases the cat who thinks the loft belongs to him.

Following are a few more sketches from my current sketchbook containing a soft handmade paper.

I drew my purse drawn in church, while jotting down a few notes on the left. On the two following pages I had tested some plain wax-based colored pencils, which bled through the thin paper.

another church sketch with sermon notes
I lack confidence in drawing landscapes in ink, so I borrowed a book by Claudia Nice, "Drawing & Painting Trees in the Landscape", on my Kindle. I loosely copied of one of her drawings in the book, trying to get a feel for the process.

Yesterday I attempted to draw Mikala's new kitten in a rare moment when he wasn't moving. His name is Pumpkin, MacKenzie, or P. Mac . . . depending on who is calling him. He is a reddish gold with white face and legs. Sadly, Mikala's beloved kitten Oreo, adopted last year, died of a heart attack.


  1. All great sketches. Nice to see sketches of your house. I have a book by Claudia Nice too. It's a sketching in nature book. Glad you are getting to know your area.

  2. How weird . . . I commented a couple of days ago and it did not post.
    Claudia Nice is fabulous at details, isn't she? I'll have to look for the book you mentioned.

    Sometimes we just jump in the car and drive somewhere new. Pretty area, full of history!

  3. Oops. The nature sketching book was by someone else. The one by Claudia nice is called, How to keep a sketchbook journal. 2001 copyright. Fab book. The Nature journaling book is by Leslie/Roth also a good book..


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