29 April 2014

art toys waiting to be played with

While hunting down spring wildflowers to sketch in the wee Nideggen sketchbook, I have been sadly neglecting my regular art journal.

Moving to a new state, fixing up our new home, and getting used to a full-time retired husband being around means being too distracted to keep up with regular art time. And not sketching on a regular basis has lead to a lack of confidence in being able to do so.

This wooden basket sits nearby, filled with art tools. I think it's once again time to take up Brenda Swenson's 75-day ink sketch challenge. There's nothing like  doing a daily drawing with ink (no pencil first) to renew one's abilities and sheer joy of drawing.


  1. Yes, you are right, Vicky, "not sketching on a regular basis has lead to a lack of confidence in being able to do so" - I understand it absolutely, I am so busy lately and nowadays, that I can´t find time for sketching and I feel like you write here... Glad to see it´s not only my case :-) Hope I start again... Thanks for sharing your thoughts... It's encouraging for me...
    And - by the way - nice sketch!

  2. Jana, isn't it amazing how quickly we as artists can lose our confidence? Yet our brains and hands seem to remember how it is done as soon as we get past that inner critic.
    I sometimes feel I don't have time -- mainly from getting used to having a husband around everyday, all day, now that he is retired. (I'm not very comfortable doing art when someone is watching.) Yet, my recent sketch of some art tools took less than 10 minutes!

  3. Hi, Vicky! Thanks for your encouraging words! I really can't excuse myself for not having 10 minutes! That´s true. It's somewhere in my mind, that I can´t but in fact I can...
    So looking at your last sketches I decided to sketch every day for at least ten minutes :)
    Have a nice sketching!

  4. Hey, we ALL need encouragement now and then! Don't be hard on yourself on those days you don't get around to sketching. There's always tomorrow!


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