18 April 2014

Texas wildflowers

Texans make a very big deal out of their wildflowers. Families take yearly photos of their children sitting among the huge patches of  Texas Bluebonnets each spring.

My current sketchbook is "ink only" due to the handmade paper but wildflowers require color! So I grabbed this wee coptic-stitch sketchbook off my shelf -- it was made mostly with leftover Nideggen paper. About 3" square, I've been painting some of the spring wildflowers in it.

as usual, the first pages show a palette -- this one in a vintage Prang box  

the Texas dandelion may actually be a Carolina false dandelion
the dewberry is tiny; the engelmann daisy is actually pretty large
not sure what the very tiny red-violet flowers are
This sketchbook also has a few pages made from leftover strips of Fabriano Tiziano, which I am using for some random sketching when this is the only sketchbook at hand.

I drew this Texas star during a homeowner's association board meeting. We attended the meeting to submit plans for Bill's new woodshop. It's pretty certain to be approved.

The fish sculpture below was also drawn during the meeting.

Following the meeting, we attended the Bluebonnet Festival in Chappell Hill. Then out to eat at Los Cabos, where this decorative lizard was climbing the wall near our table.


  1. I think your mystery flowers are sweet william/wild phlox! And OH how I love seeing these...what a treasure.


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