07 April 2014

sketching at church again

The plan was that as soon as we were settled in Texas, we would visit various churches in the area before choosing one.

Yet we keep returning to the first _and only_ one we have been to. This week, the pastor's wife, B.J., told us that once we have come twice we are no longer visitors; we are family.

So it looks as though Jubilee Christian Center is our new church home. Yesterday, I drew this eagle sculpture that was sitting on the floor while waiting for the service to begin.


  1. Beautiful sketch, Vicky! Love your new penworks! A bit surprising for me, as I know, how you love color!

  2. I DO love color!! and miss playing with watercolor. But this current sketchbook, a gift from a son, has fragile hand-made paper in it --- gel ink pens seem to work best on it. I could use the practise anyway; I'm not very confident using cross-hatching and stippling for tone.

  3. Why? You can deal with it very well! I think it is a good practise if you have to do all the tones just with a pen! It´s pretty hard! I tried to do Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Sketch Challenge two years ago and it helped me a lot! Though I have to practise more!

  4. Then maybe it's more a lack of confidence in what I already vaguely know how to do? I remembet a classmate in high school doing incredibly detailed ink drawings with lots of tonal values.

    When I did Brenda's sketch challenge I mostly did continuous-line. Maybe I'll revisit the challenge, this time using tone.


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