27 April 2014

pill box palette

After deciding on what my best 5 watercolors are, to fill this pill box turned travel palette, I thought to myself "too predictable!" The 5 colors I chose are the same in most every travel palette I own. --- I had switched the quin. gold to some leftover transparent yellow, which can give a soft yellow or rich gold depending on how thickly applied.

So I decided to use up some paints I did not want anymore, that were just taking up space in plastic pans. I popped each out of the pans, put them in the compartments shown, and filled with water to soften and smooth the bits into the new space. (Some were in both half and whole sized pans)

The quin. violet, not a color I normally use, was sent to me by mistake; the company told me to keep it free of charge. With a warmer red in next to it, I have the option of both. Then I placed both burnt sienna and burnt umber side-by-side in another space.

And, just to be different, I grabbed the unused indanthrone (Schminke's dark blue indigo) instead of ultramarine. It makes surprisingly nice mixes! Some buff titanium added to the extra space and I have a totally different mix of colors, using up several paints I no longer wanted . . . that I now actually like!


  1. Nice mix of colors. I like the lighter yellow instead of the gold. I like how you put two color tones together. And I like thw white too. Now when will you use this?

  2. I've already been using it, on some of the wildflowers in the next post. The pale pink primrose is the quin. violet over a base of white watercolor crayon (used for white throughout the wildflower book because the paper is tan). I plan on playing with it over the next few months, though not in this current sketchbook. It's paper does NOT like wet media.

  3. How do you use Buff Titanium? Is this palette giving you a wide variety of colors for sketching?

  4. Cathy, buff titanium is a toned white, sort of like toasting a marshmallow. It is very handy for pale creams or tans. When mixed with other colors, it makes them more opaque -- great when working on toned papers.

    I made a color chart (but forgot to post it) of mixes using this palette and was surprised at the variety of earthy colors I could obtain!


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