27 April 2014

yet more spring wildflowers

the spiderwort is growing in our own yard, though shorter
The huge explosion of Springtime wildflowers is just about over here in central Texas. I didn't capture them all in my wee sketchbook, but I've had fun trying. There are lots of pages left to maybe sketch summer and autumn wildflowers as well.
both of these are in our yard as well
took me a while to identify the sage
LOTS of pale pink primrose around, blooming all day, not just evening
haven't identified the two on the right
both of these spotted from moving car, just coming into bloom now


  1. So cool you did this. Next year you can get the ones you missed. :))

  2. LOL -- I have a feeling that I will never get them all. Wildflowers totally take over here! (Bless Lady Bird Johnson for her efforts to reestablish native species!)


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