30 March 2014

more drawing with Q.

Our new cabin came with a dishwasher, which I did not want. So after a trip to Ikea for more storage units to match the existing kitchen, we loaded up the dishwasher to take to our son Matt's yesterday.

Bill and Matt installed it in their kitchen, then we went to watch Quen at his Tae Kwon Do lesson. (If only we adults could bottle up that kid's energy!)

Then off for Chinese food --- Quen wanted me to sketch while waiting for our food, so I drew the condiments on the table as he watched me.

After eating, we shopped at Jerry's Artarama for some drawing pencils (I bought a bit more than that . . .), and a vintage shop where Bill and I found some chairs for our kitchen table and Misty bought a Pyrex mixing bowl.

I drew Quen's toy, "Cinder" in his sketchbook so he could paint it later
 Arriving back at their home, Quen then asked me to draw one of his fantasy figures in his own sketchbook so he could later paint it. Early this morning, Matt woke to find Q. already busy in his sketchbook. He loves his new drawing pencils and kneaded eraser!

He is eager to try his hand at oil-pastels next; unfortunately I don't have experience using them. But I'm sure his mom Misty will find a way for him to fully explore them some day. He is blessed with parents who encourage him to explore new things.

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