01 August 2012

breakfast treat

Since I was driving to Wichita anyway to buy a few groceries, it seemed like a good time to treat myself to a chicken biscuit and a sketch. And stand up for freedom of speech.

This used to be a treat only when visiting kids in Texas, but Chick-fil-A recently opened a location in Wichita. It wasn't crowded as I sat in my car early this morning and sketched, but now I see on the local evening news that police are required to direct traffic as people show their support for the owner expressing his personal beliefs --- which are not "politically correct". I happen to agree with him.


  1. A chicken biscuit?? What's that then? In the UK a biscuit is something sweet, like a cookie, lol!
    I love your Art Journal pages - Such a feast for the eyes :0)

  2. Thank you, Sandra! I just peeked at your website -- I LOVE your vintage teddy art! I used to make hand-crafted teddy bears in the vintage styles and you have truly captured their personalities!

    In the US, a biscuit is not sweet at all -- what the UK calls a biscuit is what we call a cookie. Our biscuits are a quick baked bread made in individual portions, usually eaten at breakfast. Chick-fil-A's chicken biscuits are one of these split open with a piece of boneless fried chicken breast inserted, sandwich-style.

    1. Actually, US biscuits are a lot like scones except they aren't sweet and are "fluffier". At least my grandmother's were.

  3. love this! Now I want Chick-Fil-A! yum.

  4. Then go treat yourself to some . . . You deserve it!

  5. I agree this is a country which stands for freedom of speech. Unfortunately I do not think most people are lining up to stand up for "freedom of speech." Based on comments heard inside and outside the restaurant most are lining up because they "hate the gays."

  6. Comments I've heard are all positive -- loving people even when we might disagree with their views. If fact, I heard that Chick-fil-A actually has some "gays" in their employment.

    The comments that started this whole thing were positive as well: that Mr. Cathy believes in the Biblical definition of marriage. That is not hate speech, it's a personal belief.


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