08 August 2012

on joining the gypsies . . .

If I run away and join the gypsies, I need to learn how to tie a decent scarf head-covering, right?

Actually, I was working out my tears and frustration in my journal over losing my hair. An eczema scalp-rash plus the trauma the vertigo put my body through the past 3 months is causing my hair to fall out. The dermatologist thinks it will all come back in, but in the meantime I'm pretty upset about it. Drawing some possible temporary solutions helps me deal with it -- an excellent reason to keep an art journal, I've found.

BTW, I have not had any more vertigo or dizziness for the past 3 weeks. Looks like it is gone, thank God.

For those interested or simply curious, the rash is called seborrhoeic dermatitis. It can spread other places, including the ear canal --- has me wondering if it is the culprit that started the vertigo, since it began behind and on my outer ear about 3 weeks before the vertigo.

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