29 August 2012

EDM #268 - something I need

I am finishing up the final pages of the "Earthbound Sketchbook" I used for drawing Everyday Matters challenges . . . . after setting the challenges aside for over 2 years. This time I'm using gouache on the brown kraft paper, which I still seem to use "too wet". But I don't really mind a few wavy pages.

The subject is something I never thought I would need --- a wig. Though my hair has always been plain and boringly straight, I have learned to appreciate it's shiny, smooth look and great auburn-brown color in recent years. And how odd that I have no noticeable gray hair at age 58?

But sebborhoeic dermatitis is causing it to fall out. . . . . This wig is the same style as my recent haircut, cut short for the first time since early school days. (the style didn't last long with large areas disappearing daily) And only a few months after I had finally grown out all the layers and bangs (fringe). Oh, well . . .

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