17 August 2012

prep for a friend's class

A friend of mine (John Lokke) who teaches at Wichita's City Arts tells me that his current pen & ink class is so "on fire", they've actually covered all the lessons planned before the final week.

He asked me to teach the last week, on drawing with ink in sketchbooks. So I have been gathering materials today, and drew this page as an example of brushing just a smidgen of water over the ink to "bleed" a wash. This is Noodler's Nakahama Manjiro sepia ink, which is not quite waterproof so it has just enough of a controlled "bleed".

Along with various sketchbooks and pens of my own, I'm also taking a copy of Danny Gregory's "Everyday Matters" and some print-outs of the EDM drawing challenge list. It was after reading Danny's book that I began keeping my own sketchbooks in 2007.

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