28 August 2012

revisiting EDM challenges

 After telling John's class about the Everyday Matters drawing challenges, I've been thinking about doing them again. Lately I have not had the energy to get out and sketch due to medication, so this seems like a good idea for my need to draw something.

The list of drawing prompts is what first started me sketching again. They are together in two ring-bound sketchbooks -- the first one with creamy white paper in a black cover, and the second in an "Earthbound" sketchbook with brown kraft paper. I stopped doing them over 2 years ago --- but I think I will start again where I left off. This time, I'll finish up on the brown paper with gouache. Those I had previously worked in colored pencils are fading.

When I run out of pages in the second EDM sketchbook, I'll just do the challenge drawings in my regular journals --- when the mood hits. Or when I lack energy.

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