30 July 2012

waiting . . .

Being married to Bill means we are usually the first to arrive. Time to sketch before others arrive.

This is what I normally carry to church --- the iPod Touch holds several Bible versions and I carry the church's money bag to collect offerings to take to the bank. (I'm the treasurer).

This current heat wave is so oppressive, there just isn't any energy to go out looking for something more interesting to sketch. So I sketch whatever is nearby.


  1. Sorry about the heat but this is great. It looks so real. We are always early to everything too. I cant stand the pacing..his not mine..even if I am not late. :)))

  2. Bill's habit has definitely altered my "norm" --- now I find myself being early even if he isn't with me.

    Now if we could just find some middle ground re: his being an early-to-bed / early-riser and my being a night-owl . . . .

  3. beautiful, rich colors. I'm always encouraged seeing the verses in your pages. Stay cool!

  4. Thanks! In this case, I was just writing down bits from the sermon and thoughts during prayer time.


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