14 August 2012

procrastinating . . . w/o ink!

For quite some time, I have been wanting to go back to painting in watercolor without ink. I love sketching in ink, but I have become too dependent on it -- or just stuck in a rut.

On Facebook, I became acquainted with the wonderful work of Arnold Lowrey. When I searched for him online, I found this "how to" book -- seemed a good idea to help me get back to watercolor.

Earlier this week, I meant to begin the book's exercises . . . . I gathered the suggested tools but did not have the energy to begin (seems to sum up my whole summer). So I sketched what lay on my art table instead, lightly in pencil, then watercolor. No ink!

(a curious fact: Arnold Lowrey's name first caught my attention, not his beautiful talents --- my high school art teacher, whom I dearly loved, was named Mrs. Annie Lowrey. No relation, I'm sure --- she was a Japanese bride of an American soldier following WW II.)

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