03 January 2011

unexpected Christmas purchase

So . . . . there has been a reason for my inactivity on-line, besides the normal Christmas busyness. My laptop has decided to not play nice anymore. It may be repairable but our local computer guy was closed for the holiday.

As Mikala and Jayna played Webkinz on my laptop, the screen went black. Later, it happened several times more . . . the fan is usually noisy but we didn't hear it. Not sure if it was running or not.

Jeff planned on buying a new laptop for college, so I tagged along with him and ended up with an inexpensive new laptop myself. Still busy loading things on it and learning how Windows 7 operates.

Today I installed my camera and finally uploaded some sketches to Flickr. I haven't tried installing my printer yet; it gave us fits when we tried putting it on Vista; not sure how it will feel about the new system.

Meanwhile, I loaded the bookkeeping program we use, so it's time to catch up on the church's books as well as ours, and balance accounts. Just in time to close out 2010's records and begin 2011.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks --- I keep the books for our church and the rentals my husband and I own, so that was a top priority for replacing my laptop before I even know if the old one can be repaired.


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