22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

OK. Enough of being "dogless". I have paid a deposit on a new walking partner. These past few months have proven that I simply will not stick to daily walking without the needs and encouragement of a wee friend. Besides missing those wonderful puppy antics! Scotties just make me laugh --- so full of charm!

(this photo card was designed by the breeder, Pam Spicer-Lindloff of www.scotties-n-greys.com/ )

For those who don't know, I took my 4-year old Scottie, Maxwell, with me to Texas for an extended visit with one of our sons and his family last spring. While there, 4-year old granddaughter Jayna asked if Maxwell could stay and be her dog. How could I say no?

Actually, I had been warned ahead of time that she would ask. She and Max have been buddies since they first met as babies --- she was 10 months and he was 7 months. And Maxwell NEEDED children in his life. When we went for walks, he would look so longingly at children or even yards where they had played.

I adopted Max from a Scottie rescue group --- the first 6 months of his life had been spent in a cage at a puppy mill. He was never peopled and was fearful of everything --- definitely NOT a Scottie trait! But the owners of the puppy mill had grandchildren who would play with the new puppies. So he bonded with children and not adults.

Now that he has lived with 2 children, he is 100% Scottie --- full of energy, mischief, confidence, and joy. I am so happy he is now living the life he was meant to live . . . and thankful that our son and daughter-in-law were willing to provide all that he needs. I do miss him . . . he is coming for a visit this week!

Meanwhile, I went as long as I could without a dog in our home. Bill finally said "you want one so just do it!" I found a wonderful breeder in Oklahoma who is obviously as in love with the breed as I am. No, my new baby is not one of these puppies --- she hasn't been born yet. There is a waiting list so I won't bring one home until maybe March or April. But she is on the way!


  1. Whoa...that was so nice of you to let her have your dog! Well, congratulations on your coming new one!

  2. It was an easy decision: Maxwell only became a confident, happy dog when around children. Tail flying like a flag trumps tail between the legs any day!

    I'm glad we rescued him from the misery of life in a puppy mill, where his psychological issues originated, but I'm also glad the new puppy has never seen a puppy mill.


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