21 January 2011

remembering Arizona

While looking for a suitable box to mail birthday gifts to grandchildren, I came across a couple of souvenirs.

In 1972, Bill and I "technically" eloped. He was in the Navy at the time, stationed in San Diego, and I lived in Kansas. When we planned to get married his mom in Mesa, AZ sent me a plane ticket to meet Bill in Arizona.

There were problems with my parents at the time and no money to pay for even a small wedding. So it was a blessing to have someone step in to help us. My best friend and her parents even planned their camping trip so she could be there with me. But I still call it an elopement.

This brass roadrunner and tiny pot remind me of how much I came to love Arizona. And Bill's mom.


  1. Lovely memories to carry... thanks for sharing
    (I came in here from your flickr.. I loved your page with that incomplete story)

  2. Thanks for commenting here, Shalini! Sometimes I don't think anyone is actually reading stuff on my blog.

  3. I came here, too, today Vicky, as I had to hear more of the story!
    Glad you were able to pull it off, and that you are still together lo these many years later!

  4. LOL -- thanks, Cathy and Kathleen!

    We proved the exception to the "normal" teen marriages, didn't we? At least I was a teen (17, one week after high school graduation) --- Bill was an old man of 20!


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