08 January 2011


. . . to go with last night's supper of turkey noodle soup. I wish I could say I baked it myself, but it was bought at Target.

Quite a while back, I first heard of homemade artisan bread, using an easy to mix dough kept in the refrigerator --- You just pinch off what you need each day. I bought the book and a baking stone, promising Bill loads of fresh baked breads.

And there I stalled . . . . I still haven't read the book or seasoned the baking stone. But I did buy some artisan bread when I bought groceries. Does that count?

1 comment:

  1. I love foccaccia! This is a beautiful, mouth watering sketch. I started making artisan bread last spring using the method you are talking about. It is wonderful. And easy. Go for it!


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