17 January 2011


My new Scottish terrier puppy was born Saturday night at the breeder's in Oklahoma, to Machara and Dallas. This was Machara's first litter and Ceilidh her first baby.

Her name, Ceilidh (pronounced "KAY-lee"), is the name for traditional Scottish gatherings with music, dance, and a bit of storytelling.

I won't meet her for another 7 or 8 weeks, but I'm getting regular updates and photos.

Ceilidh's first photo --- she's the one with "Vicky" printed above her.
I will soon finish filling this Strathmore WC sketchbook --- I've been experimenting with scraps of papers I used to bind a couple of new journals ready to use. By mostly sketching puppies, of course!

This sketch of my first Scottie, Fiona, was from a 1992 photo --- it is hard to believe she was ever tiny enough to fit inside her small toy basket!


  1. I bet you can't wait to see her...lovely name!

  2. Looking forward to it, for sure! But with the bitter cold and snow, I'm kind of glad that it will be mid-March when I pick her up --- much easier time to housebreak!

    I went through several name ideas, all Scottish. But this one kept coming back to me. Scotties ALWAYS bring me joyous laughter, so the music and dance thing fits.


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