29 January 2011

75 day challenge, # 5

Another wonky continuous line drawing . . . . these are really rather fun because perfectionism is not expected. This crate is actually wider than depicted. And, yes, Bearcat was inside with only one paw sticking out.

I had been wanting to take our Maine Coon, Beorn Bearcat, in for a check-up for several months. Soon after we adopted him (a retired breeder), we found out that our other cat, Dali, had inherited a herpes virus and there was no cure. Bear was already exposed.

When our Wheaten Scottie, Maxwell, stayed in Texas to become our granddaughter's dog, so did his crate. The same crate I used to transport Bear to the vet. He doesn't fit in our cat carrier --- he never did! He hates car rides and the only way to transport is to use a crate.

Finally I got another crate just for Bear. It's been sitting on the floor with the door open and he loves going inside for a quick nap. Or to hide (he thinks we can't see him). Works fine until he knows there's a car ride coming. He cries if I drive over 20 miles an hour. But once at the vet's, he's happy again. In fact, he would like to take the place over.

Dr. Beth says he's doing fine; no signs of a herpes outbreak. Just a tad bit overweight . . . Really? He's ONLY 21 lbs!


  1. What a lovely paw coming out of the crate, glad he's ok. Great sketches!

  2. He's a dork! Best cat I've ever known and so much fun to sketch.

  3. Love these sketches and the story you've included!

    And I'm truly intrigued by the continuous line application you are using. I'm trying to get brave and try that.

  4. Thanks! But these are usually more like NEARLY continuous lines . . . sometimes I mis-plan where to begin and the area I'm trying to draw is blocked by my own hand. LOL! . . . still working on that!


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