12 January 2011

an interview for Artist's Journal Workshop

Cathy 'Kate' Johnson has a new book coming out this spring, on keeping an illustrated journal --- she asked 27 artists to contribute to this book, and I was thrilled to be one of them. Read more about how the book came about here.

Having gathered more materials than the book could contain, Kate set up a special blog where the subject and artists can be presented in more depth, as well as new articles on how to keep a journal, favorite tools, binding our own journals, etc. In the next several weeks, she will be posting interviews with artists from the book --- her interview with me was posted yesterday.

The new blog has already become a source of great information in so many areas, with posts written by many contributing artists. Be sure to check it out!


  1. It's a great interview! As I was reading it I was thinking that if you put together a book on journaling I would love to read all of your insights and tips about the process. A lot to learn there...

  2. Kate is so gracious and encouraging even as she promotes others, isn't she? Amazing friend!

    By a book on journaling, do you mean something like a Blurb book? Interesting idea . . . except most of what I've learned has been from Kate and other artists who've already written books on the subject.

    I've also had the silly idea of sketching my new puppy when she arrives on a weekly basis . . . and making a Blurb book all about raising and being owned by a Scottie.


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