13 June 2018

wading in the Gulf

I did not paint this until getting home after church tonight. I thought it would be easy — the gray waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the buff colored sand with washed-up sea wrack, and two of our grandchildren and a dog in almost simple silhouette form . . .

I also thought it would be easy enough to simply save the whites of the waves, painting the rounded upper forms and adding a bit of the cool green of the undersides. At least those were my intentions!

I lost most of the whites, the wet-on-wet clouds against the blue sky took on a weird pointy texture, and the grayish gulf water lost its “glisten”.

But I still had fun painting this so who cares?


  1. Vicky, I think it looks great. I think many of us artists experience the difference in what we endeavor to put on paper and what we end up with. But really, your the only one who knows what it was supposed to look like. The rest of us think it looks wonderful!

  2. I also think it looks great. I envy your options for subject matter. So wonderful to be so close to the sea.

    1. I’m actually doing most of these from photographs I took a couple of years ago when our family went camping on the beach southeast of our home. But it is awesome to be close enough to go back to the Gulf whenever we wish — only a 2 hour drive.


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