09 June 2018

more from Mustang Island

A couple of years ago we went camping with some of our kids and grandkids on Mustang Island on the Gulf of Mexico. I took a lot of photos thinking that someday I would turn them into paintings. I also did lots of sketches onsite . . . and got my first vintage Prang box sandblasted by the high winds and sand blowing everywhere!

This fisherman sitting on one of the rock jetties seemed like a ready-made composition but this is the first time I actually tried to paint him. Maybe this #30x30DirectWatercolor2018 challenge has boosted my confidence a smidgen?


  1. Love how you painted the rocks! With all those shades...

  2. Vicky, you nailed it. I can almost feel the sea breeze. Terrific job on the jetty rocks, waves, and angler. Congratulations on your tackling of the 30 challenge.

    1. It was a Very Windy week on the island! But when I saw this man fishing and the gorgeous rock jetty, I knew I’d someday have to paint it.


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