19 June 2018

an interesting barn

For day # 19 of the Direct Watercolor challenge, I painted one of the most interesting barns we’ve found in Texas, just east of Kennard, Texas on Highway 7 on our way to Nacogdoches. Bill and I both think this would make an awesome house! I left out the wooden fence that ran along the front where the wildflowers are, thinking they might detract too much from the barn. In fact, maybe I should have left the wildflowers out as well?

I also played around with painting in a vignette style, something I’ve wanted to learn to do but have never really tried before. I think I still don’t use a light enough hand at it.


  1. I am really enjoying your watercolors for the challenge!

  2. I second Fay’s comment. I love your dark greens—what did you use? That barn would make a cool house with all of those interesting roof lines.

    1. That’s Bill’s and my thinking — what a cool house this would make!
      The greens are serpentine, undersea green, and the darkest is perylene green — all Daniel Smith.


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