01 June 2018

30x30DirectWatercolor2018 - day 1

Today begins the 30 x 30 Direct Watercolor challenge . . . and we were traveling to Pflugerville for the day, attending our grandson Quen’s 5th grade graduation event. Even after returning home, I couldn’t seem to focus on painting. Procrastination, perhaps? Or more likely that old fear of the first page. We get such lovely images in our heads of perfectly executed paintings, so perfect that our actual efforts never measure up.

Tonight I set up my paints and found a photo of Quen and his dog Scout walking on Mustang Island beach at sunrise . . . and simply dove in, painting directly in watercolor. Maybe a bit overworked here and there, but so begins a full month of practicing direct watercolor sketches.


  1. Direct watercolor? Great painting!

  2. It may not be up to your expectations, but I think it is beautiful!! I am looking forward to following you as you participate in the challenge!

    1. Thanks — I think my learning to accept my own work without feeling it’s not good enough may be part of what this 30 day challenge is all about.

  3. Replies
    1. It was magical to be there in person, camping on the beach!


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