23 May 2017

snail studies

Last week, when we drove to Giddings for a funeral, we picked up a dear friend, Billie, on the way. At her house in Caldwell, I noticed some pretty snails and tried to take a quick photo of one to sketch later. But the snail hid in its shell. 

So later in the week, Billie sent me some much better photos she took. The upper two were drawn in a water-soluble ink (J. Herbin's Lie de The), then washed out a bit with a waterbrush. The other one is drawn with Noodler's Lexington Gray water-resistant ink and watercolor added. I wish I had paid more attention to leaving the white paper for the shine.


  1. Snails have such character dont they? These are lovely . I tried to draw some snails 'from life' but they move so quickly (really). Photos are perfect and I had a photoshoot session a few years ago with some garden snails and those photos became the basis for some
    snail mail envelopes and notelets. I am fond of snails

  2. LOL -- perhaps that is why I kept thinking of you, Alissa, as I was drawing these!


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