24 May 2017


Today my kitten is 10 weeks old . . . meaning that I could technically pick him up from the breeder's at any time now. We decided to go get him after we renew our vows this Friday; a new kitten doesn't need to deal with all those visitors to our home!

But oddly, I have not been able to get in touch with the breeder this week to finalize plans. Up till now, she has been extremely responsive to emails and texts. She told me she would be unavailable earlier this month, but she should have returned by Sunday. Yet she is not answering my attempts to reach her. I hope everything is well with her and her family.

Meanwhile, I have been debating whether to use Bearcat's stoneware water dish. I bleached it and washed it well, to rid it of any contamination due to his having had feline herpes. I want to make sure it is not passed on to the new kitten. But I'm still uncomfortable using the water dish, so I ordered a new one. It arrived this week --- poorly packaged and broken. :-(


  1. First, I hope you and your husband have a beautiful vow renewal and you enjoy the time with all your guests. I also hope everything is fine with your breeder and Bardie and she will contact you very soon. What a disappointment to receive a broken dish! Will they replace it for you? Your sketch is wonderful!

  2. The bowl was from Amazon; they will issue a full refund as soon as they receive the broken bowl return. All I had to do is print out a return label.

    And thank you for the good wishes!


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