29 May 2017

45 years and counting

At 7:00 pm on a Friday 45 years ago, Bill and I got married. Last year on our anniversary, he asked me to marry him again . . . because it means so much more now than when we were 2 naive kids. This year, our anniversary fell on a Friday, so we planned on renewing our vows at 7:00 pm, exactly 45 years after the first time.

Uh . . . we ran into a slight glitch. Our pastor's grandson graduated high school at 7:00 the same day, in a different town. After a bit of thinking, Bill realized that we had been married in Arizona time, which is 2 hours ahead of Texas time. So we got re-married at 9:00 pm under the oak trees at our home in the country . . . exactly 45 years after the first. This ceremony was so much more special, made especially so by our pastor and friend, Gary Faulkner.

This is also the first sketch in my new sketch journal, a special grass-paper covered handbound journal made by Cathy 'Kate' Johnson. Makes this "new beginning" of ours even more special. I worked this in watercolor alone (over a guideline of pencil), using a fine Molotow Grafx Art masking liquid marker. This paper is Strathmore Multi-Media. The journal has a variety of papers in it -- I'm glad Kate penciled a code on each type of paper so I'll know what I'm working on!


  1. This touches my heart, dear friend!

  2. Bill has, in recent years, become as much of a romantic as your Joseph --- and I am delighted! At one point in the service, Pastor Gary turned it over to Bill --- I had NO clue he was planning this --- and Bill spoke to me from his heart, tears in his eyes. I could have melted on the spot!

  3. How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your renewal with us! Your new sketch journal is beautiful, as is your first sketch. I wore a ring of flowers on my head much like this one when I married back in 1974. I love it!

  4. I was a bit too "busy" to sketch at our event, but I hope to add a few sketches from other people's photos to remember it in my journal. I'm being a bit slow at getting started, what with visiting out-of-town family, church gatherings yesterday, and preparing to head to Dallas tomorrow.

    I bet you were a lovely bride! I had wanted to wear something like this when we married in 1972 but we ended up sort of eloping then instead.

  5. Happy Wedding Anniversary, Vicky!
    May your love always remain!
    Stay Blessed!

    1. Thank you, Jana! There have been some rough times, but we are so thankful to have come through them stronger. Love is worth fighting for!


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