13 May 2017

a bit more crocheting and knitting

After crocheting a 'cat cave' for my new kitten out of repurposed yarn, I gathered bits of leftover yarn and started making cat toys. Some have a large jingle bell, some are stuffed with a bit of catnip. Two of them are hung from door knobs (or from a willing human hand). Just keeping my hands busy while I wait to go get Bardie.


  1. While I waited to get our puppy, Gus, from the animal shelter, I found a stuffed dog that looked just like him and removed the eyes and nose. I was pretty sure he would chew them off and swallow them. Then I embroidered new eyes and nose for him! My husband shook his head the whole time I stitched on that toy. That stuffed dog is still his favorite even though the ears and tail are now missing. The things we do for our pets!

  2. How fun! I'm glad you thought to replace the eyes and nose with embroidery -- much safer! The pattern for the round ball cat I crocheted in purple said to sew on plastic eyes, but I made French knots of yarn instead.

    Yeah, I know that way husbands shake their heads well! Sometimes they just don't get it, even though they later bond with our pets and enjoy them.


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