22 May 2017

Celtic Woman

One of our sons gave us tickets to go see Celtic Woman, as a 'wedding' gift (we are renewing our vows for our 45th anniversary). Bill has been wanting to attend one of their concerts for many years!

As normal for us, we arrived way too early, partly because we weren't sure where the Smart Financial Center was, so I sat outside and drew the arena. This section along highway 59 / 69 was an empty field when I used to drive between Sugarland and Richmond. This is the venue's first year, and the Celtic Woman tour is all new as well. We were sad that Mairead Nesbitt is no longer with the group __her fiddle playing while dancing around like a wee sprite was amazing!__ but the new member, Tara, is equally amazing! A classically trained musician, she sings as well as playing fiddle and harp.

I was glad to see two favorites are still with the tour: drummer Ray Fean and piper Anthony Byrne. I could listen to Anthony Byrne play the highland pipes forever! 

I ran out of page in this wee handbound sketchbook before I could fit in the other singers: Susan, Eabha, and the other Mairead. Maybe I should have captured them first? But instead, I went for the drummer and piper first. I would have liked to draw the other drummer, the uilleann piper, and the male chorus . . . but I was just enjoying the show instead.

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