02 May 2017

an exercise in colored pencils

Some dear friends gave me a great set of colored pencils --- I have played with watercolor pencils a bit, adding water so they were more like using "controlled" watercolor, but I have never tried wax-based colored pencils for art before.

I _did_ have a how-to book on my bookshelf ("Colored Pencil" by Eileen Sorg) and one of the exercises fit my brother, Dave, whose birthday is this week. So I followed the steps to make a card for him.


  1. Very cool! Can you tell me about the paper you used here?

  2. I bought a pack of blank note cards with envelopes made of brown craft paper at Hobby Lobby, to do pen & ink invitations for our upcoming 45th anniversary. There were some left over so I tried using colored pencil and gouache on the paper --- both work well, but colored pencil seemed brighter.

    1. I was surprised to see how bright your colors were on that background. Thanks for answering:)

  3. To get the red bright enough took several repeated layers, but I eventually got there!


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