12 May 2017

a Fiestaware . . . cat dish?

My Maine Coon, Bearcat, had an odd habit of removing his food from the cat dish and placing it on the mat before eating it. I thought nothing of it at the time --- my previous cat, Dali, always dunked her food in the water dish before eating it!

But recently I read of something called whisker fatigue. Apparently a cat's whiskers are extremely sensitive at the tips; when they touch the edges of the food bowl, vibrations travel down to nerves in the cat's face. This can actually cause pain and stress in some cats. Bearcat had _very_ long whiskers; if I'd only known the small dish was a problem for him!

Years ago, my mother gave me her Fiestaware creamer and sugar, along with a salt and pepper set. As I recently rearranged things in the cupboard, I thought why not use the tray for a shallow cat dish for my new cat? There's one side for dry kibble, one side for canned food.


  1. It sounds like a perfect use for your Fiestaware tray. What kitten wouldn't love it?! I have never heard that about cat's whiskers before. But thinking back, my cat, Coco, ate just like your Bearcat! Too bad they can't tell us these things. Your new kitten doesn't know it yet, but he has found a wonderful new home!

  2. I love how our cats "live in the moment", dealing with things as they come, but it would be SO much easier if they could just tell us what troubles them! And I am spending so much time making cat toys, gathering interesting boxes to play in, reading about cats, etc. because I am SO EAGER to meet Bardie! I dearly miss Bearcat, yet I did not adopt him until he was 1 1/2 years old. It's been ages since I've had a kitten -- it's like expecting a new baby! ;^D


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