31 January 2017

recent small sketches

My small Field Notes sketchbook still lives in my purse . . . The true color of the cardstock paper never seems to come out right when photographed and posted on line. It's actually a dull warm red, without the "glow" that appears here. 

I usually jot down random quotes or Bible verses & notes several pages in advance, so I'm never quite sure if the quote actually matches whatever is later sketched.

Then there are days where I purposely Google an image to illustrate the verses written down. This falcon mother protecting her chicks seemed right for these notes from church.


  1. Nice to see your daily talks with God... it is so precious you are willing to share them.... thanks so much... again.... and love your falcon and chicks :-)
    Wish you a day full of God's love, Vicky...

  2. Some of these notes are from sermons at church, some are things that stuck in my mind after reading the Bible or listening to Joyce Meyer podcasts. I figured that anything from the Lord is truth to be shared.

    Blessings to you!


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