01 February 2017

in search of a burnt sienna ink

I love the burnt sienna color of my Tombow dual tip pen but it is water-soluble, meaning that I can't add watercolor unless I want it to 'bleed'. So following some of Jane Blundell's charts for mixing De Atramentis document inks, I tried mixing a burnt sienna using document red and document black. I think it may need a touch of yellow added, but I don't have a bottle of that.

I recently bought a bottle of the document red from Goulet Pens . . . and as usual, they sent a mini Tootsie Pop with the ink. Here, I tried varying amounts of ink in some empty sample bottles.

I'm also trying out a new Lamy Safari limited edition coral pen. It came with a "M" nib but doesn't yet write smoothly. I've had some Lamy pens in the past that seemed a bit unresponsive at first --- using them over and over eventually breaks them in. Or I can easily replace the nib with one of my extras if this one persists in being stubborn.


  1. I've been looking at these document inks, and remember a past post of your mentioning them before. I'm sitting on the fence, but may try them someday. Looks like you like them?

  2. I really do prefer De Atramentis Document inks over others I've tried! So many color choices, all water-resistant, and I like being able to mix my own shades. Their black seems darker, more of a true black than Platinum Carbon black which in my experience dries to a dark charcoal. They perform like a dream in fountain pens -- never seem to stall or clog as Noodler's sometimes did.


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