25 January 2017

coming down to the wire . . .

. . . but Josiah's bear is almost finished. I took a sketch break yesterday and drew what I've been slowly working on since my sewing machine was repaired. Joints and stuffing are done, just two openings to close, then his seams get brushed (to free hairs caught in the seams) and I sew the ears in place. The last thing I add is the facial expression and maybe some claws on his paws.


  1. You put so put thought and love (as well as skill) into these little bears. They are already family heirlooms

  2. I do try to match each bear to the child receiving it --- Quen's was especially fun as he likes art: his bear wore a beret and had his own wee handbound sketchbook! But I have a hard time believing that I used to make bears as a business. They seem like too much work now!

  3. Your bears are so thoughtfully and lovingly made. Who would guess that cameo baby yarn existed!? I hope you can find or make miniature dog tags. That would be the perfect finishing touch.

  4. I was looking for camo sock yarn, but I guess the fad of knitting socks has passed. So baby yarn was the closest in size but I sure didn't expect to find camouflage!
    Tomorrow I will be checking Hobby Lobby's charms aisle; if I don't find dog tags there, Petco next door may have pet dog tags that would work.


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