14 January 2017

revisiting Jeremiah

My dear friend, Cathy "Kate" Johnson, recently reposted a watercolor study on Facebook that she did a few years ago of her wee bear, Traveler. Then did a new sketch of him. So I decided to do some new studies of my own wee bear, Jeremiah. One of the few teddy bears in what's left of my collection that I did not sew myself, I found Jeremiah at a teddy bear artists show during the 1980s. The Lord had been speaking to me through some verses from the book of Jeremiah --- when I saw from this bear's hang tag that his name was Jeremiah, I bought him on the spot.

Seemed like a good subject to sketch while lazing around, getting over this stupid headcold. Besides, it goes with the cover of this small child's paint set from England. I previously removed the cakes of paint it came with, replacing them with tube paints of my own choice.


  1. What a lovely composition and painting :-)
    Have you finished your teddy for your grandchild you started in December?
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. I have not finished Josiah's bear yet, though I've been working on it a bit here and there. Distracted by kids needing us to stay with their kids, preparations for Bill's surgery that ended up postponed, then his and my head colds. I was feeling a bit better yesterday and finished the sewing machine work. Got some of the joints in place too, and now ready to partially stuff.

  3. I love everything about this sketch--the story, the composition, the way some bears are painted and some are not, the fun paintbox. I bought a vintage paint tin on eBay and am having fun repurposing it to my needs.

  4. This small paintbox came from eBay as well! I'm not sure if it is vintage or just a child's toy; the lid is metal but the base is plastic. Keeps it very lightweight!


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