27 November 2015

why no, I did not need another travel palette . . .

But I put a new one together anyway! This is a flat metal Auqufine box from Daler Rowney with the plastic insert removed. I attached two business card magnets inside so it will hold the metal "jumbo" pans from Expeditionary Art, leaving just enough room for a squirrel travel brush and shortened Cotman rigger brush.

True to form, as soon as I painted the color chart, I thought of making a change: ultramarine blue and indanthrone blue make similar mixes so I might exchange it for a raw umber. Or two smaller pans of raw umber and buff titanium.

And here is my most recent sketch bag and travel kit: 

The light-weight tie-die bag with Celtic knot has a very wide shoulder strap -- I have narrow shoulders and this stays in place comfortably. It is also long enough to cross my body if I wish; it's actually a shopping bag. Much lighter than most of my smaller bags and holds any size sketchbook. Even room for a sweater or my favorite plaid wrap for cooler days.

I found the pocket protector on Amazon to hold pencil and pens. The zip bag holds paper towels, palette, waterbrushes, eraser, and a smaller plastic proxy-brush container that holds three half-pans: two watercolors matching my shades of ink plus a white gouache.

In case the text is hard to read in the photo, the upper left are two quotes from Sherlock Holmes:

"To the man who loves art for its own sake," remarked Sherlock Holmes, tossing aside the advertisement sheet of The Daily Telegraph, "it is frequently in its least important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived . . ."
(from 'The Copper Beeches')

"Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms."
(from 'The Greek Interpreter')


  1. Which will you keep, ultramarine or indanthrone?

  2. I will keep ultramarine --- I use indanthrone more like indigo (with the perylene maroon and quin. gold) but I can mix a similar color by adding a bit of brown to ultramarine.

  3. Oh, love the quotes, thank you! And yes, that would have been my decision as well. I don't care for indanthrone, it doesn't seem as versatile.


  4. I love the subtle blues you get from indanthrone but versatility wins out in this case.

    A very watery tint of raw umber is close to the same as buff titanium so I chose the raw umber -- the one from Daniel Smith is great in mixes and gives me another brown besides the burnt sienna.


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