03 November 2015

Sunday's sketching in church

While jotting down notes on Sunday morning, I had an urge to draw a lion to illustrate the message. So I googled a photo on line . . . Later on, I plan to do a watercolor of the lion so I decided to leave this as just an ink sketch. 

As a child, my favorite animal to visit at the zoo was a lion named Rufus. This was at Wichita's old Riverside Park zoo. The year I got married (1972) and moved to San Diego, CA, Wichita was building a new zoo and sent Rufus into 'retirement' to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. So my old friend followed me! I remember a photo in the newspaper of him afraid to come out of his travel cage. He had been captive in a concrete cage so long, he didn't know what freedom to roam the new park was like. Also, waiting outside the cage were several young lionesses checking him out!


  1. I like your illustration and your story of Rufus. How great to know that your old friend had a happy retirement!

  2. Thank you! I like to think that his final years were happy ones.


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