16 November 2015

the end of the journal

During the long dry summer, we let our small garden die off. There was a burn ban throughout this area so we never bothered to clear out the dead plants and new weeds that popped up.

Now Autumn rains have been plenteous, the burn ban has been lifted, and we gathered the dead stuff for burning . . . and found these three large tomatoes! Oddly, they were the best tasting of the whole year. Made a great pot of chili!

Months ago I wrote out the words to my favorite hymn on the final page of this leather-wrapped journal, thinking that I would later add some illuminated decoration on the border. But now I think I'll just leave it as-is. Maybe I'll come back to it someday.


  1. What a lovely surprise! And a delicious way to use them! What kind of journal do you use? Your sketches are wonderful!

  2. I usually bind my own journals using watercolor papers. This one is Killamanjaro 140# watercolor paper from Cheap Joe's. The folios are folded into signatures that are sewn directly to a soft scrap piece of leather that I got free from an upholstery shop.


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