08 November 2015

turkey season

The summer dry spell with its burn bans is over and we are once again in the very wet season. So wet that a few camp sites at the lake are under water . . . again. Due to flooding last May, the lake was closed from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Wishing to see how things looked at the lake, we recently drove to Somerville by the back road which goes over the dam. As we drove through the town we saw a yard full of wild turkeys. There must have been over a dozen of them! We were on our way to meet friends so all I had time for was a quick photo with my iPod.


  1. Lovely work, Vicky! It must have been nice to meet them in nature! They don't live here. Love the red and greens in your painting and that you put the car in your picture. It's like real! I can imagine being there.

  2. It was amazing to see so many, in town, unafraid of people or vehicles! There were actually twice this many but my photo blurred a lot of them so I left them out of the sketch.

  3. Great journal entry! We're seeing tons of them here, too. I like to watch them. Some of the farmers around here don't agree.

  4. Local people see the wildlife as a nuisance but we love watching them! Deer, turkeys, vultures, crested caracara (gorgeous bird of prey) . . . once Bill called me out to the patio in the middle of the night to watch two armadillos rooting in our yard!


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