03 November 2015


Finally finished binding these new journals. Now back to working in my current one . . .


  1. Hi, Vicky. I just popped by from "Artist's Journal Workshop" FB and have enjoyed your posts on hand-bound journals. Yours are so beautiful. I just learned to do my own sketchbooks and journals with coptic stitch and using Canson paper, which is available in my area. Now I will consider adding the bindings.
    Best from Tunisia,

  2. I'm so glad you commented, Nadia! (Wow -- Tunisia? The internet has certainly made the world an easy place to meet people!)
    My first attempts at binding books were pretty messy, and I still make mistakes. There are two major mistakes in two of these! But the more I do it the better they turn out. It also helps to see what others are doing (again, the internet helps here). Always something new to learn.

  3. Love your sketchbooks, Vicky! Nice, clean work!
    I am not very happy with the back of my sketchbooks - I usually give some wide color duct tape there, but I can see the textile material is better - I have done it once and it was better. But it needs some good glue.
    And I can't figure out one more thing - find the way, in which to sew it together, so as not to go through the same stitches again.

  4. LOL! At least they look nice and clean in the photo. The turquoise one is a bit cobbled through a mistake and the red spined one has boards cut too wide. I guess that gives me space to clip a pen!


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