11 November 2015

boxes, boxes, and more boxes

It will soon be the gift-giving time of year and, living in the country away from shopping centers, a lot of my shopping is done online. Nearly everyday the mailman has been bringing another box or two.

We do quite a lot of our regular shopping this way now. Everything from grain-free cat food and vitamins to my favorite brand of tea. All found easier __and cheaper__ by ordering online.


  1. I love your box! It really is cheaper and easier to order online when you figure gas, time and the crowds. Besides, it is so much fun to get packages in the mail!

  2. It does feel a bit like Christmas whenever a package arrives! Not to mention better selection. (I never liked shopping in real stores anyway)

  3. Love the box! It sure is a sign of the times. We live close enough to Topeka that shopping for common items is no issue. My problem is my less-than-typical hobbies. I need Kansas City and then mail order. Right now I'm waiting for a package with a replacement nib for a fountain pen, bottle of ink, and a small bolt geocache container. Try getting THOSE in Topeka.

  4. At least I can drive to Austin (Jerry's Artarama) or Houston (Texas Art Supply) when I need paper for binding journals. Ordering that online means 10 sheets at a time when I only need 2 or 4.

    But everything else that we are choosy about (fountain pens, inks, paints, etc) is better bought online.

  5. Oh this is an awesome sketch of the Amazon box!!! I live in the city and still order a lot online, seems like the stores just don't carry everything they do online. :)


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